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  • Data loggers

    Data loggers from Common-Link are based on three functional units ...

     Acquisition of data from sensors and machines

     Storing and evaluating the measured values

     Communication unit for transferring the data to a central station

    This approach makes our data loggers safe, reliable, and flexible.

    The system is equally suitable for monitoring an individual sensor and for extensive measurement networks.

    A wide range of interfaces for application-specific sensors enables an installation to be extended simply by clipping them to the system bus.

    The communication unit is an integral part of the basic equipment. It ensures a secure link with the monitoring software in the central station - via LAN, mobile phone or fixed line telephone.

    Via the Internet browser, our customers have access to their data and applications in Common-Link's secure customer portal. Twenty-four hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

    Detailed assessments of all measurement data is displayed in conclusive graphics. The templates for configuring and administering the installations, events, and locations are self-explanatory, and their use is intuitive.

    On request, the templates can be adapted to the customers' corporate design.

    No additional software needs to be installed.

    The most important application areas are:

     Remote monitoring of PV installations

     Measurement of own power consumption

     Proof of feed-in management

     Consumption optimization

     Efficiency analysis

     Fernüberwachung of UPS systems

     Fernüberwachung of wind turbines

     Fernüberwachung of refrigeration plants

    The following extensions are available:

     Module for uninterruptible power supply

     Module for connecting the "DC Monitor" string current measurement

     Module for additional programmable analog inputs

    Apart from processing the data supplied by the connected sensors, Common-Link also offers data loggers for reading existing communication protocols.

    In this case, the data logger "speaks the language" of the respective user protocol, i.e. the logger "learns" in the course of a customer project (we will be happy to make a corresponding offer).

    Consequently, Common-Link's data loggers covers practically every imaginable energy and consumption measurement requirement, and provides all the necessary interfaces and communication protocols.

    More information on this product line is provided in our Download area Downloads

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